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Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our mobile friendliness tester.

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+ How Does the Mobile Friendliness Tester Work?

Enter your website URL into our tester, and it will analyse key elements such as meta tags, media queries, and stylesheets to determine whether your site is mobile friendly.


+ Why Is Mobile Friendliness Important for Websites?

Mobile friendliness is important because more than half of global web traffic comes from mobile devices. Websites optimised for mobile rank better in search results and provide a better user experience.


+ What Should I Do If My Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly?

The tester can identify issues like unresponsive designs, inappropriate meta tag settings, and ineffective media queries that could hinder your site’s performance on mobile devices.

If the test results suggest that your website is not mobile-friendly, consider making design adjustments such as implementing a responsive layout, optimising images, and reviewing code elements to improve usability on mobile devices.


+ Is Your Mobile Friendly Test Free To Use?

Yes, our Mobile Friendly Test is completely free to use.

As a digital marketing agency, we aim provide free tools as a part of our commitment to helping businesses improve their online presence without a financial barrier.


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