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Our FREE Robots.txt Checker allows you to view the robots.txt file rules of any website, providing insight on how search engines are directed to crawl and index the site.

Simply enter a website URL and click the ‘Submit’ button to use the Robots.txt tester tool.

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Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our robots.txt checker.

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+ How Does The Robots.txt Checker Work?

Enter the URL of the website, and our tool will fetch and display the robots.txt file, highlighting directives that control how search engines crawl and index the site’s content.


+ What Common Issues Can Be Detected With a Robots.txt Checker?

The robots.txt file instructs search engines which parts of your site they can or cannot crawl.

Common issues include blocking important pages, inadvertently allowing sensitive files to be indexed, or syntax errors that could misdirect search engine crawlers.


+ What Should I Do If I Find Errors In My Robots.txt File?

Identify and correct any errors or misplaced directives to ensure optimal crawling and indexing. This file is typically located at the root directory of your website (i.e.

Then, use our Robots.txt Checker to verify the changes.

Regular checks are recommended, especially after making changes to your website structure or content, to ensure that the robots.txt directives are still appropriate.


+ Is Your Robots.txt Checker Free To Use?

Yes, our Robots.txt Checker is completely free to use.

As a digital marketing agency, we aim provide free tools as a part of our commitment to helping businesses improve their online presence without a financial barrier.


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